B133 - Dimanche 18 décembre

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Nico-Wayne-Toussaint---Lonely-Number.jpgNico Wayne Toussaint - Lonely Number (Dixiefrog, 2011)

 "Lonely Number"

"How Long To Heal"


Little Bob - Wild And DeepLittle Bob - Wild And Deep - Best Of 1989-2009 (Dixiefrog, 2011)

"True Love"

"Listen To The Drums"


Calvin-Russell---Contrabendo.jpgCalvin Russel - Contrabendo (XIII Bis Records, 2010)



Lightnin' Guy & The Mighty Gators - Live From The Heart (Blue String, 2009)

"Hip Shaker"


  The Head Cat - Walk The Walk Talk The Talk (Niji Entertainment Group, 2011)

"Hip Shaker"


Seasick-Steve-You-Can't-Teach-An-Old-Dog-New-TricksSeasick Steve - You Can't Teach Old Dog New Tricks (Autoproduit, 2011)

"You Can't Teach Olkd Dog New Trick"

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